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The picture of the day is from the Marilyn's last completed film, "The Misfits." Reminder, Vanity Fair January 2001 is having a huge photographer's edition and Bert Stern is featured with a few of his photographs.

January 2001 marks the premiere of a two hour documentary called "The Loves Of Marilyn" due to be aired on "E" check your local cable guide.

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Friday, December 15

News Of The Day!

The Marilyn Reporter, turns "blogspot site into a daily news feature for Marilyn fans."

By: Debbie Jasgur, The Marilyn Reporter

It was announced on several news groups that this web site will be updated daily with a picture and Marilyn news of the day. The purpose is to keep all fans informed of events, such as exhibitions, special charity events, interviews, auctions. It is a non partisan effort of keeping an information highway on Marilyn news. When a new e-zine is published, it will be published on a fresh site and then kept up with postings for two weeks until the next ezine is done.

"We hope to have an open door policy with all reputable Marilyn groups and organizations, and anyone is free to contact us for stories, and news." said Joseph Jasgur, Founder and Editor.

To be a part of this "team" contact The Marilyn Reporter at, you will have access to the site to post stories, or have your own column.

Thursday, December 14

We have "arrived"

Welcome to our new look for our bi-weekly "ezine" in which we strive to be more news worthy and informational. The purpose of this e-zine is to provide the latest "Marilyn" news from all around the world and news from other fan clubs. This e-zine will be more newsworthy and will re-cap some Marilyn Monroe club events that are news events.

NEWS STORY - Jimmie Dougherty

I hope everyone bought the current issue of Globe magazine. There is a large article on Jimmie all about his marriage to Norma Jeane. Jimmie's book will be out Dec. 26, 2000, and he is offering all fans a discount. Please click on the related links below:

Norma Jeane book web site
Jimmie Dougherty's collectible's web site

People and Places - ROBERT SURFACE

Robert Surface, will be one of the most controversial figures, in the up and coming years. He will be a guest and a host on our weekly internet based radio show which airs at 10pm EST, every Monday. Mr.Surface met Marilyn when he was 7 years of age and knew Marilyn until he was 11, his friendship ended because of Marilyn's death in 1962. Marilyn was trying to help him with a speech impediment. An incredible story with over 150 DOJ, and goverment memos and FBI documents which verify who he is and the relationship he had with Marilyn. Robert still works for the Dept. Of Justice. More about Robert Surface, will be revealed in the weeks to come with an extensive transcripted interview in our Marilyn magazine, publication, due in January, based on our radio shows and interviews. Here is a "teaser" of one of the transcripts. Robert is writing a historical novel in a four part series. Mr. Surface hopes to donate a portion from the sales from his book, to a charity Marilyn believed in, or see her dream of having a Studio Arts & Acting College come to fruition with the proceeds. Since I am still in negotiations about a web site with Robert, for now I will publish a partial document which is a memo from Robert Kennedy. Robert has allowed me to re-print his synopsis in his own words below after the document. Is this incredible? Yes it is. We encourage all fans to put this under scrutiny and ask questions and be curious. Robert is an open person and loves to answer any questions. You can post them on the Hollywoodland egroups list, on the Forever Marilyn egroups list, the yahoo forums or send an email to or post on our news forum. He is an active member of many clubs First, let's view, one of the documents before we read this incredible story! The second page will be posted in our next issue.

Synopsis of content in novels by Robert Surface

I'm currently finishing my books
(historical novels) & associated screenplays re: when
I was a kid & Marilyn was my private tutor in & around
Fox. I even have declassified DOJ & CIA documents
(docs) which mention Marilyn & me verifying my story!
I currently work for DOJ in DC and submitted these
docs to my congressman, the CIA & DOJ for further
verification. I got their greenlight to use them!

Currently Mr. Bill Sarris of Travilla fashions in LA
is interested & has found a producer for me. I had
met Bill Travilla, MM's dress designer, in 1960 and I
reference Travilla thoughout, which is why Mr. Sarris
initially became interested.

My stories about MM are like nothing ever seen in any
other book or film! I even discuss her involvement in
RFK's Round Table & Operation: Project Freedom
espionage activities, in which she involved me as

In the novels based on fact (the docs included), I
discuss :

- How & why I met MM.
- Her involvement in Round Table (& what it was, why
she became involved, etc.)
- MM's studio-college dream
- the celebrities I met & why (such as the Kennedys,
Mr. Hoover,Elvis, Capote, Hemingway, Kerouac, George
Peppard - Marilyn's friend & fellow Method Acting
student; Mr. Disney, Sinatra & the Rat Pack, Mr. Cukor
(who taught me production-directing), etc.
- Her teaching methods ("life lessons" as she called
- Our acting together in the skits she had me write as
- The songs we wrote & performed together (which I'd
later showcase on my own Public Access Cable TV shows
around the country).
- Her deep religious faith (& it wasn't Christian
Science either despite her name being left on their
membership roll) and just what this faith was!
- Her personal weaknesses, etc.
- Her bout w/ Capote's "mean reds" as MM also called
- How Marilyn asked me as a kid to someday write about
her feet of clay (although she thought she'd be there
to assist me) and how she wanted her imperfections
known so others could learn from her mistakes & grow
closer to G-d as she was trying to do at the end of
her life.

- Her future TV - movie roles she hoped to produce
through her resurrected Production Co. &
studio-college (like a movie w/ Elvis - I know the

Again, the docs verify ALL the above.

Yes, while my novels are controversial at the end I
hope people will truly understand what made her tick
the way I believe I knew her; why she did the things
she did; and how truly saint-like she was despite her
short-comings! Mr. Hoover also once asked me: "How
can you love this woman after all that happened to you
and her?"

I replied: "Because, Mr. Hoover, like the Teddi
Bears' song she liked - 'To Know Her IS To Love Her'!"

Mr. Hoover went to his grave not understanding our
Marilyn! A shame & a pity!

Again, if interested in the docs, let me know. I
don't mind you posting any of this either! My goal is
to have more people understand MM better, to be
inspired, & to love her!

Thanks again!

Bob Surface (aka "Bobby" by Marilyn - yes as an FBI
memo reveals - I was the Bobby she was trying to reach
on Aug 4, 1962 and NOT Bobby Kennedy!).


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