Tuesday, January 2

Book Reviews: Jimmie Dougherty's book is the *HIT* of the season!
By Debbie Jasgur

To Norma Jeane With Love, Jimmie
By Jim Dougherty
As told to LC Van Savage
Paperback ISBN 1-888725-52-4
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This book is one of the heartfelt books on the early life of Marilyn Monroe, when she was still Norma Jeane Dougherty and married to her first husband, Jim Dougherty. It chronicles the courtship, marriage, and the divorce between the both of them. It's as if you are reading a personal diary of their day to day life together, with remarkable clarity to details and events. Marilyn's real life father revealed in a poignant account of her search for him. Norma Jeane's quirks, personality, and fears are all revealed in this remarkable book that will touch your heart with the heartbreaking details of their life together.

Jim Dougherty also writes "post Norma Jeane" on how his life has turned out without Norma Jeane, his contacts with her as "Marilyn" hearing of her death, and he hopes to "clear the air of conspiracy rumors, that he says are NOT true."

We give his book out of five stars - * * * * * FIVE STARS : A fantastic book!

It's not even a human! It's a sculpture by Patrick Wise, one of our members posted it on our Yahoo forum.
Kicking off a brand new year!

Happy New Years, fellow fans! Todays news is about a great event planned for August of this year in honor of Marilyn Monroe. Please visit Bettina's site at ALL ABOUT MARILYN TOURS The Marilyn Reporter will be represented and will participate, as well as having our own private festivities.